Transport It - Metro Challenge - Mission China
Transport It - Metro Challenge - Mission China

Transport It - Metro Challenge - Mission China

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Activity 1: Metro Challenge Part A:
1. Teach the new vocabulary (colors) students may need to complete the activity. Review north, south, east and west using the compass on the activity.
2. Explain students will play a game with a partner called ‘Get Me There!’. 3. In pairs both students look at the Beijing subway map, secretly choose and write down
3 subway stops on a piece of paper.
4. Their partner chooses a station to start at. They must then guide their partner to the first stop written on their paper. Once their partner has arrived, they can show the paper and check it’s the same place. Swap turns and complete all 3 stations each.
5. Students play the game in pairs.
Part B: 1. Introduce Maomao’s instructions and students complete the activity.
Discuss for Part A:
1. What did students find difficult about this game?
2. What skills did the students have to use to complete the game? (listening skills, giving directions, speaking clearly)
3. Did anyone want to give up at any point? Why? Why not?
4. How did students feel when they successfully guided their partner to the correct stations? (successful, happy, relieved). When we try hard to do something difficult and don’t give up, how do we feel when we achieve it?