About Us

Our team of leading education and technology innovators launched Culture Agents to inspire students to engage with the world around them.


We would like to start by expressing our gratitude on behalf of Culture Agents’ Headquarters for your commitment to prepare this next generation for a global future. The most successful business and political leaders we have worked with are those who open themselves to the world around them. They are genuinely curious without judging. Meanwhile, they are deeply aware and proud of their own culture and can entertain intriguing discussions with those of different cultures, building strong connections that transcend borders. Like us, they were bitten with the travel bug. They are modern day explorers, dare we say, Culture Agents.

 Founder/Mission Director

Josh Halpern is a former U.S. Diplomat stationed in Beijing, China. He began his career in the education industry as a drama and English teacher at the T.A.S.I.S. international school in England. He later settled in Spain where he served as an academic adviser for the Fulbright Commission prior to launching his first company, IdiomArts Education, S.L., providing language services through the performing arts to youth, ages three to eighteen. He served as the regional manager for Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CIED) managing operations throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Mr. Halpern then joined Identity, Inc. to develop and manage cross-cultural training curriculum within the Maryland public school system. He later moved to Beijing, China as the head of strategic development for China Prep, LLC, an interactive educational tourism company with representatives in New York, Beijing and Shanghai. Josh moved to Mumbai, India where he served as the V.P. of Business Development for an education investment firm, Edvance Learning, Pvt. Started by the former president of the Times of India Group.