Through our story-driven cultutal literacy program, students embark on missions with their fellow Culture Agents to defeat the Xenophobes who are spreading fear, ignorance and arrogance throughout the world.
The more students learn about real life in an overseas environment, the weaker the Xenophobes become.

9 Culture Capsules

Our program is divided into nine subject areas, which cover all aspects of the target language and culture.

  • Live It teaches students about daily life, customs and people.
  • See It highlights and directs students to places of cultural, historical and global significance.
  • Taste It explores the culinary passions and habits of local people.
  • Transport It profiles the many different modes and styles of transportation.
  • Rock It brings popular music to life in the classroom and introduces different music genres.
  • Secure It provides guidance and real-world experience in staying safe and healthy while overseas.
  • Buy It highlights currency, negotiation and the differences in shopping etiquette.
  • Play It introduces students to popular sports, art and performance.
  • Feel It allows students to reflect on their emotions, strengths and weaknesses.

Our website provides a one-stop shop for teachers, parents and students to access authentic content to prepare for your journey to China, dare we say your "Mission Chinaā€¯.