Parent & Teacher Guide, Resources & Lesson Plans

We would like to start by expressing our gratitude on behalf of Culture Agents’ Headquarters for your commitment.

The most successful business and political leaders we have worked with are those who open themselves to the world around them. They are genuinely curious without judging. Meanwhile, they are deeply aware and proud of their own culture and can entertain intriguing discussions with those of different cultures, building strong connections that transcend borders. Like us, they were bitten with the travel bug.

They are modern day explorers, dare we say, Culture Agents.

This Parent / Teacher Guide serves as a curriculum, lesson planner and/or activities book which spans nine key content areas covering all aspects of culture and language:

1. Live It teaches students about daily life, customs and people. Together students will learn to recognize what a “custom” is and determine that there is no “normal” way to do things, just different ways. They will explore their own customs and manners and discuss the way people conduct their lives in both their own country and in China.

2. Buy It introduces students to currency, bargaining and local shopping etiquette. From the supermarket to China’s super-sized malls, students will practice using Chinese currency and learn how to use Mandarin to buy and sell things.

3. Play It introduces students to popular Chinese sports and hobbies. They will also build their awareness of topics such as film, TV and theatre performances, enabling them to communicate on these topics with their counterparts in China.

4. Rock It brings popular and traditional music to life. Students will share their musical talents and favorite music with each other and learn what music Chinese students tend to study and listen to.

5. Secure It provides guidance and real-world experience in staying safe and healthy while overseas. Together, students learn how to deal with dilemmas on a trip, how to cross the road, how and when to call the police and what to do if they get lost.

6. See It highlights and guides students through famous, fun, cultural and historic sites in Beijing. Together, students navigate a real map of Beijing, learning how to give and receive directions and recognize famous landmarks along the way.

7. Taste It explores what and how people eat in China, compared to their home country. This is one of the most universally loved subjects around the world and the quickest way to make friends. Students will debate the different perceptions of what it means to eat “healthily” and “unhealthily” and the main differences between cuisine in their home country and in China.

8. Transport It profiles the many different modes of transportation people use in China. Together students navigate the Beijing subway map to complete a series of questions.

9. Feel It investigates modes of expression, emotion and introspection and helps students reflect on their life experiences and emotions. Together, the class will gain an understanding of common emotions they may experience while overseas, from missing their home and family to finding different cultural issues frustrating. They will learn that these emotions are common and that they are not alone.