Live It - Mission Flags - Mission China - U.S. Flag

Live It - Mission Flags - Mission China - U.S. Flag

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Culture Craft: Flag Making

Every country in the world has a national flag and these are a reflection and mix of the country’s belief, religion, history and culture. By carrying or displaying a flag, you are giving people a shortcut into your beliefs, origins, culture and more. As Culture Agents, we want to develop a flag that identifies the ideas we share as a group. Our flag should reflect the ideal Culture Agents (Your School Name) headquarters.

1. Students get into groups of four and teacher asks Students to write on the back of their paper 5 adjectives to describe their ideal ‘Culture Agents’ Headquarters environment. Then on the front of their paper, Students will create their ‘Mission Flags’ using any shapes or colors they prefer
2. Ask students what criteria they should follow to work successfully in a group to complete this activity. Record it on the board for students to follow during this activity and tell them they will be self assessing on it at the end of the activity.
3. Students work as a team to design a unique Culture Agents flag. They must make an identical copy each on another piece of paper.
4. Two students per group rotates to the next group clockwise and presents their flag to that group, explaining why they chose the colors, shapes, images they did. Other students listen and ask questions as relevant.

Optional use of large fabric sheets, paint, glitter, cardboard cutouts etc. Live It: Flags handout

Ask Students to discuss and self assess how they worked together as a group according to the self -assessment criteria they came up with earlier. Share ideas back to the class.