Culture Agents: Mission China: Activity Book Mission On

Culture Agents: Mission China: Activity Book Mission On

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Congratulations! If you are reading this, it means our Culture Agents’ Mission Director has granted you Top Secret Clearance to join the battle against the Xenophobes! This is "Mission One" of a two-part activity book filled with full color activities, vocabulary cards, maps and more.

Within this activity book you will uncover the tools you will need for your mission. Our content brings to life all aspects of Chinese language and culture through the eyes of the Culture Agents.

Through our story-driven content, students will join the Culture Agents characters, Mobile Moxie, Onthego Mo, XiaoXing and MaoMao, on their “top secret” mission to defeat Xeno and the Xenophobes who are spreading fear, ignorance and arrogances throughout the world. Together, students will spark a lasting interest in foreign

Within the book you will find an introductory comic book that sets the stage for young learners, rough ages of 5-13, to complete activities across the the first five "Culture Capsules". Each "Culture Capsule" consists of 2-5 pages of activities and ten double-sided cards in Chinese/English/Pinyin vocabulary words for you to cut out and turn into a key-chain.

Our program is divided into these nine subject areas or Culture Capsules, which cover all aspects of the target language and culture. This Mission One includes:

  • Live It teaches students about daily life, customs and people.
  • See It highlights and directs students to places of cultural, historical and global significance.
  • Taste It explores the culinary passions and habits of local people.
  • Transport It profiles the many different modes and styles of transportation.
  • Rock It brings popular music to life in the classroom and introduces different music genres.